Daily Current Affairs (English) - 06.02.2018


Sweden-United Nation Strategic Partnership Agreement

  • Sweden has singed a agreement (Strategic Partnership)with United Nations organization for committing record $ 370 million dollars to UN World Food Program.
  • The contribution is for next four years from 2018 to 2021. It is the biggest ever contribution made by a donor within a WFP Strategic Partnership Agreement.
  • Sweden has been the largest donor of flexible and predictable funds to UN World Food Program for nearly a decade. The Swedish contribution comes on time of record need as the world is facing the worst humanitarian crisis since the end of World War II with multiple large-scale hunger emergencies across the planet.
  • For the first time in the decade, the number of hungry people in the world is growing and the majority of them are now living in countries. Ten of the 13 biggest food crises on the planet
  • The World Food Program is the food-assistance branch of the United Nations. It is the world's largest humanitarian organization, addressing the hunger and promoting food security. It works people who can not produce or obtain enough food for themselves and their families.
  • World Food Program was established in 1961 after the 1960 Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) Conference. It is headquartered in Rome (Italy) and has more than 80 country offices around the world. It provides food assistance to an average of 80 million people in 75 countries every year.

World Cancer Day

  • The World Cancer Day is observed every year on 4 February to raise awareness of cancer and to prevent its prevention, detection, and treatment. Its primary goal is to reduce the illness and related deaths by 2020.
  • The theme for this year is "We can I can " It reflects on what everyone can do to raise awareness of cancer and ask to take pledge and action in fight against cancer. "We can I can say "is the special three-year campaign for the World Cancer Day from 2016 to 2018.
  • The World Cancer Day was instituted by Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) in 2008 by the formally writing goals of the World Cancer Declaration. The primary goal of observing the day is to reduce illness and death caused by it by 2020.
  • Union for International Cancer Control is Geneva based leading international non-governmental organisation (NGO) founded in 1933. Its purpose is to help the global health community to accelerate the fight against cancer.


Pelican Bird Festival-2018

  • Pelican Bird Festival-2018 recently organized at Kolleru lake. Thousands of pelicans, painted storks and other birds will visit the lake during winter season, roost, breed and fly with their off springs.
  • Recently, officers identified that atopaka is one of the largest pelicanry in the world. Pelican Bird Festival-2018 was jointly organized by the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Authority (APTA) and Krishna district administration.
  • Kolleru Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the country. It is located between Krishna and Godavari delta. It was declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1999. It is a Ramsar site.
  • Kolleru lake is known for amateur birdwatchers and professional ornithologists as a Pelicanery - a location were the Gray Pelicans, a large magnificent bird, nest and breed. Gray pelicans had disappeared from the lake in 1973 for almost 35 years and returned to nest again in December 2006.
  • The Gray Pelican is listed in Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act and the Red Data Book. It is also considered as a "global threatened species" under the "vulnerable" category. The Gray Pelican also called the Spot Bill Pelican.


The International Kala Mela

  • The International Kala Mela has been organized by the Lalit Kala Akademi in partnership with IGNCA of the Ministry of Culture.The central objective of Kala Mela is focussed on direct interaction between the artist and the connoisseur and also educating and raising awareness about art, which is the mandate of the Lalit Kala Akademi.
  • This broad outreach will include the participation of National, International level Artists / Art Critics of Repute from all over the Globe. More than 800 artists from across the world are taking part in the Festival .The festival serves as a platform for artists to showcase their art works.
  • The Lalit Kala Akademi or National Academy of Art is India's National Academy of Fine Arts. It is an autonomous organization, established at New Delhi in 1954 to promote and propagate understanding of Indian art, both within and outside the country. It does so through providing scholarships, a fellow program, and sponsoring and organizing numerous exhibitions in India and overseas.

International Conference on, 'Demetrios Galanos and His Legacy

  • Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts (IGNCA) is organizing an International Conference on, 'Demetrios Galanos and His Legacy'. The convention is being held in Delhi and Varanasi, in addition to organizing the exhibition and folk music of Greece. The conference is being organized by the Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts (IGNCA) under the Indian School of Prayagana, a long term academic program of the IGNCA.
  • The aim of the conference is to focus on academic and cultural exchanges between India and Greece made by scholars and artists both Indian and Greek, in modern times since Demetrios Galanos.
  • Demetrios Galanos (1760-1833) has a special place among the European Indologists of the nineteenth century. He was the only one who stayed in India for 47 years, and except for the first seven years when he lived in Calcutta, for 40 years he lived in the city of Varanasi, mastering Sanskrit, Hindi and Persian, from the local scholars.
  • Demetrios Galanos translated the Bhagvad Gita into Greek among many other Sanskrit texts. His major contribution was the compilation of a Sanskrit-English-Greek lexicon of about 9000 words.


Long-term capital gains tax on equity shares

  • The government has re-introduced LTCG tax on equity shares. Investors have to pay 10% LTCG tax on gain over One lakh on the sale of shares or equity mutual funds held for one year. Previously, short-term capital gains (STCG) tax of 15% was levied.
  • If the gains exceeded 1 lakh in a year, then 10% LTCG tax was to be paid without indexation (real taxable gain calculation for inflation against profit adjusting).
  • LTCG or long-term capital gains refer to the gains made in the form of a particular period of time. In case of equity shares, it refers to the gains made on stocks held for more than one year.
  • In other words, if the shares are purchased and held for more than a year before selling, then the gain, if any, on the said sale are referred to as long term capital gain or LTCG.