Daily Current Affairs (English) - 08.08.2018

Science & Technology


China on Monday announced that it has successfully tested its first cutting-edge hypersonic aircraft which could carry nuclear warheads and penetrate any current generation anti-missile defence systems. The Xingkong-2 or Starry Sky-2, was launched in a target range located in Northwest China.The United States and Russia have been carrying out similar experiments. Launched in a rocket, China’s waverider was released in the air after about 10 minutes. It flew independently, made large-angle turning maneuvers, and landed in the targeted area as planned.

Specialty of Shingkong-2

  • The design of the Hypersonian aircraft is compiled by the CAAA with the Alliance of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.
  • It is China's first hyperSonic aircraft. During the test, the aircraft gained 4,563 miles (7,344 km / h) six times more than the speed of sound.
  • China has become the first country in the world to make this type of aircraft, while the United States has announced the development of this type of aircraft by the year 2023.

What happens? Hypersonic aircraft

  • HyperSonic aircraft are those planes that can fly faster than the velocity of the sound.
  • Such planes are being developed in the 21st century.
  • They are often used for research and military use.
  • These fighter aircraft fly more than 5 times the speed of the sound velocity.





Ireland’s first Women’s World Cup field hockey final ended in defeat as the Netherlands retained the title with an emphatic 6-0 victory. Ireland, the second-lowest ranked country in the tournament, was unable to produce a fairy-tale ending at Lee Valley Hockey Center. Goals from Lidewij Welten, Kelly Jonker, Kitty van Male, Malou Pheninckx, Marloes Keetels and Caia van Maasakker capped a dominant performance from the Dutch as they won the competition for a record eighth time. The Netherlands team hasn’t lost since the Olympic final two years ago. This was Ireland’s first World Cup since 2002, and its previous best result was 11th in 1994. Ranked 16th, Ireland topped a group including Olympic champion England and was first into the quarterfinals.



Exercise Maitree is a joint military exercise between Indian Army and Royal Thai Army which will be conducted from 06 to 19 August 2018 in Thailand. It is a platoon level exercise which comprises of infantry component. The opening ceremony started with familiarization of organisation and display of weapons & equipment of both armies. The exercise will emphasize to hone the tactical and technical skills in joint counter insurgency and counter terrorist operations in rural and urban scenario under UN mandate. Due emphasis will be laid on increasing interoperability between forces from both countries which is crucial for success of any joint operation. Both sides will jointly train, plan and execute a series of well developed tactical drills for neutralization of likely threats that may be encountered in urban warfare scenario. Experts from both sides will also hold detailed discussions to share their experience on varied topics for mutual benefit. Exercise Maitree will contribute immensely in developing mutual understanding and bonhomie between the two armies in order to counter terrorism.



Former Tamil Nadu chief minister and DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) Chief Muthuvel Karunanidhi (94-year) passed away due to age-related illness in Chennai. He was in medical treatment for the past 11 days at Kauveri hospital Chennai. Madras High Court grants permission to bury M Karunanidhi behind Anna Samadhi on Marina beach.

Key facts related to Karunanidhi

  • Karunanidhi, who wrote stories and dialogues for at least 50 films of South India, was identified as a politician who wrote the story of Tamil Nadu with his writing.
  • When the vociferous Karunanidhi took over the command of the Dravidian state, he had been a partner on the screen for many decades, MG Ramachandran and J. Jayalalitha overturned in politics.
  • The mixture of art and politics inside them probably came from those words like Thalwar (leader) and Kalaignar (artist), where their fans used to call them.
  • There is a record of losing its seat in every election in the name of Karananidhi, who was a 13-time assembly member.
  • He took over the post of Chief Minister of the state for the first time in 1969.
  • In 2006, for the last time, he became the Chief Minister.
  • He remained the DMK president since 1969.
  • The influence of Karunanidhi's politics was not limited to his state only.

The threat of their strength was up to the corridors of power in the national capital, New Delhi, and on this, they had ever played an important role in combating the BJP with the Congress and bringing it to the top of the power.