Daily Current Affairs (English) - 11.06.2018


http://www.iasexamcentre.com/community/images/arrow.jpgChina begins sharing data on Brahmaputra

  • China has resumed sharing hydrological data on the Brahmaputra and Sutlej rivers with India.
  • For the Brahmaputra river, data was shared by China from May 15, while it started sharing data for the Sutlej from June 1.
  • Data will be shared twice daily until October.
  • Sharing hydrological data is very important for generating information on floods for the northeastern states.

http://www.iasexamcentre.com/community/images/arrow.jpg8 States to implement ‘Ayushman Bharat’

  • Eight States and four Union Territories have signed MoUs with the Union Health Ministry to implement the government’s ambitious national health protection mission — Ayushman Bharat.
  • Ayushman Bharat aims to provide a cover of Rs. 5 lakh per family annually to 10 crore vulnerable families.
  • The scheme will be available at the point of service in public and private empanelled hospitals.

http://www.iasexamcentre.com/community/images/arrow.jpgDAC approves procurement of radars, air cushion vehicles

  • The Defence Acquisition Council (DAC), chaired by Defence Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, approved procurement of high powered radars for the Indian Air Force and air cushion vehicles for the Army and the Coast Guard together worth over Rs. 5,500 crore.
  • The 12 high power radars will be procured indigenously under the ‘Buy (Indian) IDDM’ category.
  • “The radars will provide long range medium and high altitude radar cover with the capability to detect and track high speed targets following parabolic trajectories. Technologically superior, the radars will have the capability to scan 360 degrees without mechanical rotation of Antenna and will operate on 24x7 basis with minimal maintenance requirement,” the Defence Ministry said in a statement.
  • In the other deal, air cushion vehicles (ACVs) to be procured from an Indian shipyard will enable travel at very high speeds over shallow water, sand banks, mud flats and swamps which are non-navigable by boats and small crafts due to draught restrictions or uncharted depths.

http://www.iasexamcentre.com/community/images/arrow.jpgAgreements between India and China

  • India & China have signed 2 bilateral agreements on the sidelines of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit.
  • Under the MoU, China would provide hydrological information to India regarding Brahmaputra River during the flood season.
  • 2006 Protocol on Phytosanitary Requirements for Exporting Rice from India to China was amended to include export of non-Basmati varieties of rice from India.

http://www.iasexamcentre.com/community/images/arrow.jpgIndia not ready to sign the Hague treaty

  • The government is not yet ready to sign the Hague treaty on inter-country abduction of children by parents fleeing a bad marriage, said a senior official of the Ministry of Women and Child Development (WCD).
  • There has been immense pressure from the U.S. on the government to sign the treaty though the government has long held the view that the decision could lead to harassment of women escaping marital discord or domestic violence.
  • “The government is not yet ready to sign the Hague treaty. If at all we do, we will follow the Japan example and put safeguards in place before acceding to the Hague treaty,” said the official on condition of anonymity.
  • The Hague Convention is a multi-national treaty that seeks to protect children wrongfully removed by one of the parents from the custody of the other parent.
  • A committee constituted by the Centre to examine legal issues involved in international parental abduction submitted its report in April 2018, opposing a central provision of the Hague Convention. It said that the criterion of habitual residence of the child, which is used to determine whether the child was wrongfully removed by a parent as well as to seek the return of the child to the country of habitual residence, was not in the best interest of the child.
  • It also recommended setting up of a Child Removal Disputes Resolution Authority to act as a nodal body to decide on the custody of the child as well as a model law to deal with such disputes.
  • However, the government is contemplating assigning the National Commission for Protection of Children the responsibility to adjudicate on such cases along with a judicial expert.

http://www.iasexamcentre.com/community/images/arrow.jpgMars had organic compounds, methane

  • Curiosity rover has detected organic compounds on the surface of Mars and seasonal fluctuations of atmospheric methane.
  • The findings released on June 7, mark some of the strongest evidence ever that Earth’s neighbour may have harbored life.
  • Curiosity also measured an unexpectedly large seasonal cycle in the low levels of atmospheric methane.

http://www.iasexamcentre.com/community/images/arrow.jpgISRO’s scientists discover an ‘EPIC’ planet

  • A team from the Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, has spotted for the first time a distant planet six times bigger than Earth and revolving around a Sun-like star about 600 light years away.
  • Both the planet and the star have been named EPIC.
  • EPIC 211945201b (or K2-236b) is the name given to the planet and the host star is named EPIC 211945201 or K2-236.

http://www.iasexamcentre.com/community/images/arrow.jpgPrime Minister Modi leaves for China to attend SCO Summit

  • PM Modi on 8th June left for China on a two-day visit to attend the annual summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in Qingdao, (Chingdao).
  • This is the first summit after India gained full membership of the SCO.
  • PM Modi will put forth India’s Regional and global interests at the multi lateral forum but first on his agenda is a bilateral meeting with President Xi Jinping.
    SCO headquarters: Beijing, China

http://www.iasexamcentre.com/community/images/arrow.jpgOVL gets first equity oil from Abu Dhabi field

  • ONGC Videsh Ltd on 8th June said it has received the first ever equity oil cargo from Abu Dhabi’s Lower Zakum oilfield, where it had recently bought stake.
  • A shipload of Das blend crude oil reached New Mangalore port, the company said in a statement.
  • The Das blend crude oil originates from the Lower Zakum (LZ) oilfield in Abu Dhabi, which currently produces approximately 400,000 barrels per day.
  • An Indian consortium led by OVL, the overseas arm Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC), acquired 10 per cent stake in Lower Zakum Concession.

http://www.iasexamcentre.com/community/images/arrow.jpgFDI in India rises to $61.96 billion in 2017-18: Government

  • Foreign direct investment (FDI) in India increased by about 3 per cent to $61.96 billion in 2017-18 on account of steps taken by the government to improve business climate and liberalised policy norms.
  • FDI inflows stood at $60 billion in the previous fiscal.
  • The figure includes equity inflows, reinvested earnings and other capital.

http://www.iasexamcentre.com/community/images/arrow.jpg2.26L shell companies de-registered in FY 17-18: Centre

  • The Task Force on Shell Companies has deregistered more than 2.26 lakh shell companies from the Registrars of Companies in the financial year 2017-18, the Ministry of Finance said on Friday.
  • The Task Force was set up in February last year by the Prime Minister’s Office under the joint Chairmanship of the Revenue Secretary and Secretary, Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) with a mandate to check in a systematic way, through a coordinated multi-agency approach, the menace of companies indulging in illegal activities including facilitation of tax evasion and commonly referred to as shell companies.

http://www.iasexamcentre.com/community/images/arrow.jpgSarita Nayyar appointed to WEF Managing Board

  • The World Economic Forum (WEF) recently said it has appointed Sarita Nayyar to its Managing Board.
  • In addition to her role as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the World Economic Forum LLC, Nayyar will help lead the international expansion of the Forum’s centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network.

http://www.iasexamcentre.com/community/images/arrow.jpg‘PSB recap plan inadequate for growth’

  • The government’s recapitalisation plan for the 21 public sector banks (PSBs) will not be sufficient to support credit growth but will take care of the provisioning requirement for bad loans, according to Moody’s.
  • “The PSBs’ capital shortfalls are larger than the scale that the government had expected when it announced the recapitalisation in October 2017, mainly because the banks have failed to raise additional capital from the market and it may be difficult for them to raise more capital given the substantial decline in their share prices since the beginning of 2018,” says Alka Anbarasu, vice-president and senior credit officer at Moody’s.
  • In October 2017, the Centre had announced the infusion of Rs. 2.11 lakh crore in PSBs over two years, of which Rs. 1.35 lakh crore was to come through recapitalisation bonds. The government will infuse Rs. 65,000 crore in this financial year, following the Rs. 90,000 crore infusion made in FY18.
  • “Moreover, the capacity of these 21 banks to generate internal capital has deteriorated because of their weak financial performance and a sharp increase in government bond yields, which hurt their investment income,” said Ms. Anbarasu.
  • In addition, the discovery of the Rs. 14,400 crore fraud in Punjab National Bank in February 2018 increased the need for additional capital for the lender.