Daily Current Affairs MCQs (English) - 05.04.2018


1. According to a study the production of which edible item may be harming the environment ?
a) ) Chocolate
b) Cheese
c) Bread
d Chewing Gum
Ans- a

2. Recenty where was the 114th Permanent Indus Commission meeting held?
a) New Delhi
b) Lahore
c) Mumbai
d) Islamabad
Ans- a

3. Recently Which country has approved a law to create anti-terror supreme council?
a) Pakistan
b) Egypt
c) UAE
d) Israel
Ans- b

4. Recently Which country has initiated the construction of its first-ever nuclear power plant?
a) Turkey
b) UAE
c) Saudi Arabia
d) Afganisatn
Ans- a

5. On Defence Salary Package the Indian army has signed a MoU with which bank?
a) HDFC Bank
b) PNB
c) Axis Bank
d) SBI
Ans- a