English (Idioms) Practice Questions for SSC CGL Tier II 2017-18

English (Idioms) Practice Questions for SSC CGL Tier II 2017-18

Directions (1-15): An idiom and four possible meanings are given. Identify the meaning of the idiom from among the answer choices and mark its number as your answer.
Q1. A man of the world
(a) headstrong and arrogant
(b) highly experienced in many fields
(c) very popular because of success
(d) a man of wit or genius

Q2. The Journalist found himself in deep waters as he tried to probe into political issues.
(a) receiving a lot of public attention
(b) in distress
(c) in depression
(d) in trouble

Q3. As people age, they generally become hard of hearing.
(a) able to do something with great difficulty
(b) refuse to listen to others
(c) unable to hear well
(d) learn the real or true facts

Q4. Mrs. Paul is the one who brings home the bacon the sustain her family.
(a) earn necessary money
(b) help in cooking
(c) borrow for essentials
(d) to achieve something successfully

Q5. An upholder of truth never hesitates to call a spade a spade.
(a) to criticise
(b) to speak frankly
(c) to imitate
(d) to discuss openly

Q6. He did not want his sister to leave the house and so he put the wind up her with his ghost stories.
(a) make someone frightened of something
(b) make someone feel less confident
(c) defeat someone in an argument
(d) give someone help and protection

Q7. The politician accused of corruption called for a public meeting to clear the air regarding his actions.
(a) to flaunt
(b) to propagate
(c) get rid of suspicion
(d) to influence

Q8. Tongue in cheek
(a) to conceal
(b) to admonish
(c) to be ironic
(d) to be in agreement

Q9. A nail in someone’s coffin
(a) something bad that contributes towards someone’s failure
(b) something irrelevant to the subject
(c) to make money unfairly
(d) to make someone feel uncomfortable or embarrassed

Q10. A shot in the arm
(a) to take revenge
(b) to stimulate a person
(c) to show strength
(d) to behave in an agitated manner

Q11. A leap in the dark
(a) a random guess or a risky attempt
(b) a mistake that cannot be rectified
(c) to get wounded
(d) unusual behaviour

Q12. A flash in the pan
(a) an incorrect piece of reasoning
(b) sudden but brief success
(c) a mixture of many types
(d) among other things

Q13. The Income Tax department seized the property of all those who accumulated wealth through ill-gotten gains.
(a) money obtained through dishonesty
(b) multifarious means
(c) ancestry
(d) theft

Q14. With the best of our batsmen injured, it was a foregone conclusion that the other team would win the match.
(a) easily acceptable
(b) assumed idea
(c) predictable result
(d) compelling argument

Q15. When I borrowed a large sum of money from my friend, we simply came to a gentleman’s agreement – neither he nor I had to sign any document.
(a) agreement based on trust
(b) casual agreement
(c) urgent agreement
(d) round about agreement

ANSWER KEYS: S1. Ans.(b) S2. Ans.(d) S3. Ans.(c) S4. Ans.(a) S5. Ans.(b) S6. Ans.(a) S7. Ans.(c) S8. Ans.(c) S9. Ans.(a) S10. Ans.(b) S11. Ans.(a) S12. Ans.(b) S13. Ans.(a) S14. Ans.(c) S15. Ans.(a)