ESI Corporation Computer Skill Test for Upper Division Clerk (UDC) Exam


Recruitment to the post of Upper Division Clerk in ESI Corporation

  • SECTION – I: General Instructions to Candidates
  • SECTION – II : Instructions about Conduct of Computer Skill Test
  • SECTION – III : Sample Question Paper (English)
  • SECTION – IV : Sample Question  Paper (Hindi)

Question A: Create a power point presentation comprising the content as mentioned the sample slide with formatting (Bold, Underlining, Italics and Alignment) and following guidelines:

a) Two power point slides using the default slide type having 2 sections “Add Title” and “Add Subtitle”. The text/content should be aligned as per the sample slide. Each of the slides shall comprise of the equal content approximately.

b) Reproduce the content as mentioned in the sample below by using “Verdana” as the font type for both “Title” as well as “Subtitles” along with the font size of “54 Point” for the Title and the font size of “24 point” for the “Subtitle (Text)”. The title should in “Bold” also.

Question: B
Reproduce the official letter using MS Word with the font type “Verdana” as per the format and guidelines given below, run the spell check and correct the spelling mistakes (if any) and save the file in correct format, Perform the following as per the sample. There are 3 font sizes of “10 point”, “11 point” and “12 point” and the line spacing - single and double used in the sample along with right insertion.

Question C
Reproduce the following data in the Ms-Excel sheet with Center alignment, Bold, Grid line, bold outside border and Perform the Calculation using formula in Ms –Excel sheet.
a) Create the Excel sheet using Ms-Excel. Reproduce the heading of each of the column as mentioned in the Sample. All the heading should in Bold.
b) Calculate the total of A and B using the formula in the desired cell.
c) Calculate the %age of A with the total using the %age formula in the desired cell.
d) Calculate the average of A and B using the formula in the desired cell.