History Practice Quiz for SSC CGL & CHSL Exams - 2018 (Test - 142)

Model Question for CGL and CHSL Exam Papers

Q1.Who is the founder of the concept “Sarvodaya”?
(a) Vinobha Bhave
(b) Mahatma Gandhi
(c) Jai Prakash Narayan
(d) K G Mushroowala

Q2.Who was the founder of Swatantra Party?
(a) B. G. Tilak
(b) Dadabhai Naoroji
(c) Gopal Krishna Gokhale
(d) C. Rajagopalachari

Q3.The National Anthem was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on :
(a) Dec. 27, 1950
(b) Aug. 15, 1947
(c) Jan. 24, 1950
(d) Jan.26, 1947

Q4.Who had demarcated the border-line between India and Pakistan?
(a) McMahon
(b) Lord Durand
(c) Radcliffe
(d) None of these

Q5.Who of the following Prime Ministers sent Cripps Mission to India?
(a) James Ramsay MacDonald
(b) Stanley Baldwin
(c) Neville Chamberlain
(d) Winston Churchill

Q6.Who is the Viceroy of India during Quit India Movement ?
(a) Linlithgow
(b) Cornwallis
(c) Mountbatten
(d) Munro

Q7.The famous INA trials took place in the Red Fort, Delhi in____.
(a) 1945
(b) 1943
(c) 1944
(d) 1947

Q8.The foreign traveler who visited India during the rule of the Guptas was?
(a) Hiuen Tsang
(b) Beriner
(c) Fa-Hein
(d) Manucci

Q9.Which ruler of Gupta Empire is also known as “Napoleon of India”?
(a) Chandragupta I
(b) Chandragupta II
(c) Samudra Gupta
(d) Srigupta

Q10.The Kushans ruled in
(a) 1st century AD
(b) 2nd century BC
(c) 3rd century AD
(d) 5th century BC

Q11.Who among the following rulers organized the Second Buddhist Assembly?
(a) Ajatashatru
(b) Kalasoka
(c) Ashoka
(d) Ananda

Q12.To which king belongs the Lion capital at Sarnath?
(a) Chandragupta
(b) Ashoka
(c) Kanishka
(d) Harsha

Q13.Under the Mughal rule the judicial service was headed by -
(a) Vakil
(b) Diwan
(c) Qazis
(d) Mansabdars

Q14.Who among the following painters committed suicide?
(a) Basawan
(b) Lal
(c) Daswant
(d) Mahesh

Q15.The greatest painter of birds at Jahangir’s court was -
(a) Basawan
(b) Mansur
(c) Syed Ali Tabrizi
(d) Khwaja Abdus Samad