History Practice Quiz for SSC CGL & CHSL Exams - 2018 (Test - 83)

Model Question for CGL and CHSL Exam Papers

Q1. Which of the following was the birth place of Guru Nanak?
(a) Amritsar
(b) Nabha
(c) Nankana
(d) Nander
1. Ans.(c)

Q2. Who of the following Sikh Guru was started Gurumukhi script?
(a) Guru Nanak
(b) Guru Angad
(c) Guru Arjundev
(d) Guru Govind Singh
2. Ans.(b)

Q3. The Sikh Khalsa was founded by
(a) Guru Nanak
(b) Guru Hargobind
(c) Guru Teg Bahadur
(d) Guru Govind Singh
3. Ans.(d)

Q4. Where did the Indian National Congress get divided into two wings moderates and extremists?
(a) Surat Session 1907
(b) Lahor Session 1909
(c) Calcutta Session 1911
(d) Karachi Session 1913
4. Ans.(a)

Q5. In which session of the Indian National Congress, Vande Mataram was first sung?
(a) 1886
(b) 1890
(c) 1896
(d) 1905
5. Ans.(c)

Q6. Maulavi Liaqat Ali who played a significant role during the freedom struggle of 1857 belonged to which of the following cities?
(a) Bareilly
(b) Faizabad
(c) Allahabad
(d) Lucknow
6. Ans.(c)

Q7. On whom emperor, Akbar conferred the title of ‘Jagat Guru’ ?
(a) Purushottam
(b) Dastur Meherji Rana
(c) Hari Vijay Suri
(d) Devi
7. Ans.(c)

Q8. The battle of Wandiwas was fought between
(a) British and French companies
(b) British and Dutch companies
(c) Dutch and Portuguese companies
(d) French and Dutch companies
8. Ans.(a)

Q9. Todar Mal was associated to
(a) Law
(b) Land revenue reforms
(c) Literature
(d) Music
9. Ans.(b)

Q10. Shyamji Krishna Verma established Indian Home rule society in
(a) London
(b) Paris
(c) Berlin
(d) San Francisco
10. Ans.(a)